What is Microdermabrasion and Is It Right for You?

Those who care for maintaining healthy, glowing, beautiful skin know that it usually requires continual discipline as well as regular visits to a licensed esthetician. Hopefully, we all know that it is essential to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, especially those with the most antioxidants and vitamins like carrots, berries, spinach, and many more. Drinking five to eight glasses of water daily is a must. Maintaining a daily cleaning, toning, and moisturizing regime is essential. Wear sunblock everyday. And women, never, ever go to bed without removing your makeup.

But there are some factors that affect our skin even though we are careful: acne (whether caused by stress or genes), accumulated skin damage from sun exposure, and just the natural aging of the skin over time. We may not be able to completely control these factors, but we can definitely treat them. One of more versatile suggested treatments is crystal microdermabrasion.

What is microdermabrasion?
If you care about your skin, you’ve probably used a facial scrub before. Facial scrubs usually have some type of abrasive material, often in a gritty form, such as ground nutshells, sugar, or bamboo fibers. This abrasive material is used to exfoliate the skin, that is, to help in removing dead skins cells that build up over time, as well as makeup that may not have been cleaned off.

Microdermabrasion exfoliates the skin as well, but does so more thoroughly and more consistently, and to a degree that promotes new skin cell growth. Microdermabrasion typically uses medical-grade crystals as the exfoliating material, spraying the crystals onto the skin with a hand-held device and simultaneously vacuuming away the crystals, the dead skins cells, and the various foreign substances such as old makeup, pollutants, and dirt.

The results are quite remarkable! With old, dull, dead skin cells removed, the skin has a much more vibrant glow to it. Blemishes, fine lines, and minor imperfections are reduced or disappear completely. Most importantly, microdermabrasion acts as a catalyst to speed up the skin regeneration process so that new skin cells will replace the old ones. The result is not just healthier-looking skin, but truly healthier skin as well.

Is microdermabrasion right for you?
If you have acne, acne scars, striae distensae (stretch marks), or sun-damaged skin, then microdermabrasion is likely the right choice for you. In fact, recent academic research showed over a number of studies that microdermabrasion can “result in improvement in skin contour irregularities” when treating the above skin problems.

If you don’t have acne, stretch marks, or sun-damaged skin, but still are starting to have the fine lines that come with aging (and that will eventually develop into full-fledged wrinkles), then microdermabrasion should also be your preferred esthetic treatment. Many of the age-related fine lines are found in the topmost layer of skin and microdermabrasion’s ability to thoroughly remove dead skin cells and do so in a manner that is more effective and more consistent than home remedies, will help in reducing or removing age-related skin imperfections.

Is microdermabrasion too harsh for my skin?
Microdermabrasion is designed to remove only the dead cells that make up the topmost layer of your skin. When used by a licensed esthetician, the procedure is safe, effective, and actually promotes skin health in addition to skin appearance. Of course, as with any skin care treatment, it is important to consult with an experienced esthetician who will evaluate your skin type, consider your concerns, and adjust your treatment accordingly. There are a range of treatments that may suit your particular needs and desires. Your esthetician is trained to recommend the ones that are best for you.

Is microdermabrasion only for the face?
While microdermabrasion is ideal for treating facial skin, many practitioners have also begun to use it to treat stretch marks on other parts of the body. Evidence suggests that the results are not as remarkable as for treating facial skin, but there can be some benefits depending on the nature of the stretch marks and the type of skin being treated. Our suggestion would be to consider non-facial microdermabrasion on a trial basis and if satisfied with the results, continue to schedule additional sessions.

Is microdermabrasion good for men?
More and more men are learning about and taking advantage of the skin care opportunities that a local esthetician can provide. From a relaxing men’s facial, to collagen treatments, to microdermabrasion, men’s skin can benefit greatly from modern improvements in skin care. Ladies, if the men in your life are reluctant to seek out an esthetician, then find one for them. Better yet, tuck a gift certificate for a men’s facial into a card and let them know that you’re serious about keeping their skin healthy for years to come.

How soon are improvements from microdermabrasion visible?
In most cases, skin improvements from microdermabrasion are noticeably visible immediately. While there may be some mild redness, this will go away and most patients experience a freshness and glow to their skin that had eluded them for years. In fact, microdermabrasion is an ideal treatment to get a day or two before a wedding, reunion, conference, or other important event.

Love your skin and take good care of it!

Judy at Facial Fitness of Boca Raton

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Judy Zeman is a Florida licensed Esthetician and Massage Therapist and the owner of Facial Fitness of Boca Raton. Facial Fitness embraces a holistic approach to skin care using scientifically supported skin treatments, as well as helping clients learn the best nutrition, exercises, attitudes, and actions to have healthy skin. “Come refresh, relax, and rejuvenate… because healthy skin makes a healthy you!”

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