Specialized Treatments


SPECIALIZED TREATMENTS (Each includes a European facial)

  • Anti-Free Radical Mask  ~  $95
    Excellent for pre/post sun exposure.  Hard lift-off mask for all skin types except very sensitive and acne.  Antioxidant formulation helps prevent damage from the sun.  (80-90 min)
  • Lightening Treatment  ~  $95
    A great treatment for hyper pigmentation!  This ionized ampoule, which is applied before a multi-action mask, contains vegetal DNA and enzymes to help diffuse melanin, as well as glycolic and citric acids to help with lightening.  (80-90 min)
  • Acne Control Facial Treatment  ~  $80
    This treatment begins with an exfoliation treatment to remove a buildup of impurities.  It is then followed by extensive extractions, soothing ampoule or serum, a control-oil masque, cold compresses, and an application of blemish medication.  (80-90 min)
  • Collagen & Hyaluronic Acid Treatment  ~  $90
    A multi-phase technique useful for all skin types showing signs of dehydration (except acne).  A treatment for those who still love the sun as well as prior to or after cosmetic surgery.  A very hydrating treatment.  (80-90 min)
  • DNA Skin Soothing Treatment  ~  $90
    For uneven skin texture and enlarged pores.  Uses a galvanic machine in conjunction with freeze-dried DNA.  Good for all types of skin.  (80-90 min)
  • Elastin Freeze-Dried Treatment  ~  $90
    A firming treatment for skin losing its elasticity.  Best for those who want to delay a face-lift, or to treat skin prior to or after one.  A revitalizing massage and seaweed mask follows the application of an ionized elastin ampoule.  (80-90 min)
  • Oxygen Treatment  $90
    A special treatment for all skin types that keeps oxygen against the skin, leaving it soft and healthy.  Its active ingredients promote skin that glows! (80-90 min)
  • Collagen Fiber Mask Treatments  ~  $85
    Two choices: Oxy-Vital has a desensitizing and healing ampoule for sensitive skin – great for before or after laser resurfacing and chemical peels.  Elasto Firm is for all skin types lacking elasticity.  Either choice is applied under collagen sheeting.  (80-90 min)
  • Pevonia Vitamin C Firming Treatment  ~ $90
    A treatment for firming flaccid, sagging and redundant skin.  Best results are achieved after a series of glycolic treatments.  (80-90 min)
  • Rosacea Treatment  ~  $95
    Hand lift-off mask for sensitive, irritated skin, including rosacea.  Helps inflammation, calms redness, desensitizing, with antibacterial properties.  (80-90 min)