Peels & Microdermabrasion



  • Glycolic Acid Peel  ~  $50 (Series of six including one facial  ~  $250)
    A mild facial peel derived from sugar cane, for sun damage, acne-prone skin, clogged pores, dry, dull, cracked skin, fine lines and wrinkles as well as hyper-pigmentation.  (Peel only 20-40 min)
  • Derma Peel (With a follow-up mini facial)   $250
    A chemical peel consisting of 7% Resorcinol, 7% Salicylic Acid, and 7% Lactic Acid.  The layer of dead skin peels off completely within seven or eight days.  After the peeling process, follow-up treatment includes a mini-facial.  The end result diminishes pore size and leaves the skin noticeably softer and smoother!  (90 min)
  • Crystal Microdermabrasion  ~  $95 (Series of six  ~  $475)
    This treatment uses micro-crystals that are vacuumed across your skin through a delicate hand piece held by your technician.  As the crystals pass over the skin, they virtually erase the imperfections and the effects of sun damage.  (50-60 min)