Forever Young: How to Have Youthful Skin

by Judy Zeman, Owner
Facial Fitness of Boca Raton

“I’m not into wrinkles.”
Winona Ryder

With people living longer and being more active into their older years, many women (and men!) want to look as young as they feel. As a result, surgical procedures are on the rise, with people looking toward facelifts, injections, and other invasive surgery in an effort to reverse or slow the signs of aging. Although surgery can be the answer for some people, it’s definitely not the answer for everyone. Fortunately, there are many scientifically-based practices and treatments that can help fight of the signs of aging that don’t involve a syringe, a scalpel, or four to six weeks of recovery time. These treatments can be performed by your local esthetician, are quite affordable, and can rejuvenate not only your skin, but your psyche as well.

How do estheticians help you keep that youthful look?
Regular skin treatments can help stave off wrinkles, facial discolorations, and loss of skin elasticity. Your local esthetician likely offers treatments in affordable packages that will literally slow the signs of aging. These treatments may be as simple as a head-and-neck massage to reduce stress and its aging effects, more involved such as various types of facials that both slow and reverse the effects of aging, or more technology-based such as microdermabrasion or dermal micro-needling. All these esthetic treatments are designed to promote healthy skin which often results in a more youthful and fresh look.

For example, as we age, our skin starts to lose its elasticity. It sags, it wrinkles, it cracks, it peels. To help keep skin from losing its elasticity, an esthetician might suggest something like an Elastin Freeze-Dried Treatment. This is a firming treatment lasting about 80-90 minutes that involves the application of an ionized elastin ampoule and is then followed by a revitalizing massage and a therapeutic seaweed mask. Many people use regular elastin treatments in place of a facelift. (Others who opt for the surgical route will often have an elastin treatment prior to and after a facelift to keep their skin youthful and healthy.)

Another way to combat the aging of the skin would be with a Vitamin C Firming Treatment aimed at firming flaccid, sagging and redundant skin by tightening the skin, replenishing hydration, and promoting skin cell renewal. This might be preceded by a series of glycolic treatments used to help in regenerating necessary collagen and elastin.

Are there high-tech solutions for aging skin?
For a more technology-based approach, your esthetician might recommend Microdermabrasion. Estheticians trained to do microdermabrasion will often employ a specialized tool that uses medical-grade crystals and a small vacuum wand to buff away the very top layer of the skin’s epidermis. This top layer, the stratum corneum, is essentially a layer of dead cells. When it is buffed away, the new skin layer that is exposed is often free of blemishes, wrinkle lines, and minor imperfections. The new layer is also more amenable to the healing and rejuvenating effects of the hydrating creams that your esthetician will use. The result is younger looking, healthier skin and clients who are as invigorated about life as their new skin is.

There are many other treatments and procedures that your esthetician will use to help your skin regain and maintain its health and its healthy appearance. As you learn more about your local estheticians, you’ll also discover that some will offer a full mind-body-health approach to skin care. Nutrition, relaxation, activity, general fitness, and attitude are important components to your overall skincare plan.

So now it’s time to get moving. Schedule an appointment with your esthetician today and get started on the path to healthier skin and a happier you!

Facial Fitness of Boca Raton


Judy Zeman is a Florida licensed Esthetician and Massage Therapist and the owner of Facial Fitness of Boca Raton. Facial Fitness embraces a holistic approach to skin care using scientifically supported skin treatments, as well as helping clients learn the best nutrition, exercises, attitudes, and actions to have healthy skin. “Come refresh, relax, and rejuvenate… because healthy skin makes a healthy you!”

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