10 Easy Steps to Healthier and Younger-Looking Skin

Step 1: Healthy You = GREAT skin!
Your skin is one more area that benefits from a lifestyle that includes a healthy diet, exercise, and avoiding harmful substances.  Proper hydration, vitamin supplements, getting enough sleep, and exercise will give you a healthy foundation so that anything your esthetician does on the outside can improve your skin even more!

Step 2: QUICK results!
Spinach, broccoli, and other dark green veggies are rich in minerals and vitamin A.  They’re your antidote to dry skin and wrinkles.  One serving a day and you’ll see an improvement by the weekend.  Healthy fruits and vegetables are also easy on the wallet, leaving more income for a relaxing and rejuvenating facial.

Step 3: Sunlight Savvy!
Protect yourself from the sun by using sunscreen and avoiding direct sunlight between the hours of 10am and 2pm.  Summertime allows for many outdoors activities but you must be conscious of your time in the sun!

Step 4: Get some sleep!
Getting enough rest matters a lot to your skin’s health.  Enough rest helps in collagen production and collagen is the substance that keeps our skin looking young because it gives our skin elasticity.  It truly is important to get your beauty sleep!

Step 5: Exfoliate, exfoliate, and exfoliate!
It’s important to exfoliate your skin.  Your body sheds skin cells at an amazing rate during every minute of every day.  If you don’t get rid of shedding skin cells, your skin will look dull and dry.  Exfoliate your skin with a facial scrub at least two to three times a week for year-round beautiful skin.  And talk to your esthetician about a deeper exfoliation once a month.

Step 6: Don’t stress it!
Stress releases the types of hormones into the body that have a negative effect on our health.  Stress also leads to lack of sleep, which in turn robs the body of its chance to heal at night.  Stress can also promote rosacea, rashes and redness, acne and blemishes, and dark circles under the eyes.  It’s time to talk to your esthetician about a relaxing facial and massage.  If you think something won’t be important 5 years from now, it’s probably not worth stressing over.

Step 7: Not So Hot!
Hot water can dry and irritate your face, so avoid washing your face in hot water.  Use cold or lukewarm water when washing your face.  Be gentle to that precious facial skin of yours!

Step 8: ’Tis the season!
Use different skin care as seasons change from dry to moist or from cold to hot to keep your skin looking beautiful. Make it fun by using skin care products that have seasonal ingredients!

Step 9: Move it!
Exercise is great for a beautiful skin.  Twenty to thirty minutes of any aerobic exercise boosts blood flow and will give you a glow.  It is this increased blood flow which will bring more nutrients to the skin. But remember to shower as soon as possible to remove excess oil brought on by perspiration!

Step 10: Eat Your Way to Healthy Skin!
Healthy foods help your skin and body fight against the bad forces outside and inside.  You must consider antioxidants such as vitamin A, C and E as they are highly potent for sun damage and fight certain cancers, including skin cancer.  Along with this, eat a well balanced diet of at least five servings a day of fruits and vegetables.

Follow these 10 steps and you will soon discover that youthful skin you have always wanted! Enjoy!

by Christy Martinez for Facial Fitness of Boca Raton

Here at BocaFacialFitness.com, we're fortunate to have an amazing set of volunteer contributors who scour the universe of information in order to bring you timely, informative, and useful articles about skin care, health, nutrition, and a balanced life. Many thanks to all who have helped and who continue to help make this an ever-improving website!

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